Reduce   stress   in   7   easy   steps.

32% percent of workers cite work-life balance as the top priority in their careers, followed by job security at 22% and competitive salary at 18%. Office Team Specialized Administrative Staffing Survey, 2002

88% of employees say they have a hard time juggling work and life. Aon Consulting, 2000

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Are you stressed? Even a little? Want to know how to handle stress better and come up with an action plan on how to deal with stress in less than 1 month, through 7 simple steps? Sign up and you will receive 7 emails providing you with practical, pragmatic, tested tips on how to start eliminating stress from your working day.

'These tips are great, easy to implement and do not take too much time. Thank you Working Muslim.'
Sister, North London. 
'Why didn't I do some of this before? Because Working Muslim wasn't here to show me the way.'

Sister, independent business owner, North America.

Check out the video above on why you need these emails. The emails will cover:
  •      Step 1: Assess where you are.
  •      Step 2: How do you think about stress?
  •      Step 3: Wearing a different pair of glasses.
  •      Step 4: Stress and the frame of perfectionism.
  •      Step 5: Day to day stress at work.
  •      Step 6: Healthy lifestyle
  •      Step 7: Balance not stress

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